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Guide to Procurement of Sewage Treatment Equipment in Living and Hospital

With the " Water Pollution Prevention Plan" issued by the state, all regions strictly require the discharge of sewage pollution, and sewage treatment plants are faced with important problems such as raising standards. In the face of the disorder of sewage treatment equipment in the environmental protection market, respected owners need to polish their eyes and choose affordable and appropriate products. The following small compilation of Deyuan explains the procurement guide for sewage treatment equipment from the aspects of sewage classification, owner's requirements and characteristics and performance of sewage treatment equipment:
Sewage treatment classification:
Domestic sewage treatment / hospital sewage treatment
Slaughter sewage treatment / food processing sewage treatment / breeding sewage treatment /
Industrial sewage treatment / coal mine sewage treatment / oil production sewage treatment / high concentration sewage treatment, etc
First of all, facing different customer needs, the customer's criteria for selecting equipment are also different. Customers who mainly purchase sewage treatment equipment can be divided into three categories:
( 1 ) small and medium-sized enterprise owners
( 2 ) the local environmental protection engineering company, the construction party
( 3 ) state-owned enterprises, exports, institutions, etc
( 1 ) and ( 2 ) customers are more pragmatic, and most of the equipment they choose is compared by price. They have been engaged in the sewage industry for several years and have seen many such customers. Economic and practical sewage treatment is the premise, and the price scale is used for comparison, which leads to the current tragic market price. Can you buy real good goods at a low price?
Equipment Quality: Omitted here ( Wang Po sells melons and boasts of its own sales, suggesting that the purchasing ruler should face several comparisons, and listen to them without believing, without comparison having no right to speak )
Equipment processing capacity: the processing capacity here is not larger than that of any other processing workshop. whoever has more registered capital will have the strength. can a general and a group of soldiers make a comparison? Look at the details of processing equipment, just like the belt and road initiative's " going out" strategy now demanded by the country. We do not want to be a manufacturing power, but rather a manufacturing power, paying attention to the details of craftsman's spirit, in order to take a small view. For example, equipment can be made like this, and can sewage still be discharged?
Equipment after-sales service: After - sales service is definitely based on price. For big names like Haier, the word-of-mouth won now is whether the refrigerator is good or not. No, after-sales service is timely and return visit is timely. At present, no matter which brand of household appliances is inseparable from the support of after-sales service, of course, who has heard that the refrigerator price of Haier is lower than Hisense's. As a spectator or owner, we can't just look at the performance of the sewage treatment equipment manufacturer, how the customer who generated the performance evaluates the 100 % favorable comments of Deyuan's environmental protection pursuit, and open Baidu's public praise inquiry, and welcome the owner's feedback.
Application Scope of Equipment: Choosing the right one is the best. Sometimes the general one is not necessarily suitable for the needs of your enterprise.
Technical strength of the company: sewage treatment involves many aspects, and as a professional sewage treatment engineer, he has many experiences in equipment, technology, civil engineering and other aspects. The company that can solve problems for its customers is the comprehensive technical core, and the company that can solve problems raised by its customers can be a growing company. Deyuan environmental protection not only uses local manpower strength, but also actively establishes cooperation model with environmental research institutions for how long - for example, Tianjin University Environmental Institute.
Corporate culture: A company's culture is like seeing objects and making friends. All the owners are the people who have gone through all the ups and downs in the shopping mall, and " people - oriented, morality - oriented" is Deyuan's unremitting efforts and purpose in environmental protection.
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